What is GameSquire: the Wonderful World of Gaming?

www.GameSquire.info is a blog that is all about the updates that is meant for my offical gaming website www.GameSquire.net. GameSquire: The Wonderful World of Gaming was started as a FreeWebs Site that has been started in 2006.

Why I’ve created GameSquire: the Wonderful World of Gaming

I am like some players out there, that loved videogames ever since we could be able to grip a controller.  I remembered playing that 16-bit console Turbo Grafix 16 with a few games like Pac-Land and Final Lap Twin.  I also remembered the first time when I’ve got my Super Nintendo and my first game I’ve got with my SNES (which is Super Mario World) from my Brother.

When I was in high school in class that helps you figure out which which job you wanted, of course I had video games on my mind, so I started flipping through different jobs that deals with gaming, through video game testing, C++ programming, writing for a gaming magazine, website, or even a book about gaming.  The most appealing job to me was writing, I liked the idea of playing and telling my own opinion about that game I’ve recently played, so I have decided in make own website www.GameSquire.net, and it’s mostly post video game cheats, tips, and reviews.


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