Oct 292010

A Guide has been added to the official GameSquire website yesterday. Its a Race System Guide for the MMORPG game: The GateWars. This guide breaks down each part of the 3 Race traits, Race Personality Types, Race Social Structure, and Race Technology Path. You can find the guide on GameSquire.net through “Video Game Guides”/”MMORPG Guides”/”The GateWars”/”Race System Guide” on the navigation bar.

Oct 142010

A new section has been added to GameSquire.net! Yup finally GameSquire.net has been fixed. “Video Game Guides” and “MMORPG Guides” has been added to the navigation. The first guide is for GateWars.com a Text-Based MMORPG game I have been playing for nearly 5 years. A few ascension guides and ascension calculators has been added in there as well.

Feb 032010

If you been asked “How Long Have You Been Playing SGW / TGW?” and couldn’t remember, this post from my GateWars blog will help.  This post has a cool online calculator and an easy-to-use instructions on how to use it. Once you have followed through the simple instructions, the calculator will tell you the exact date when you have joined SGW / TGW, and how long you have been playing SGW / TGW.

How Long Have You Been Playing SGW / TGW?
The GateWars Blog

Sep 032009




Not only the name StarGateWars was changed, the race/species rules is also been changed, instead of 4 beginner races, and 5 Ascended races, you can think of a new name for race, doesn’t matter if you Choose Asgard/Anceint, or Goa’uld/System Lords, you can even choose a race from a tottally different series like The Simpsons, or even Klingon from the Star Trek Series.  For more details, from the names of Attack and Defense weopeans, name of the Units, types of Technology and so on, can be found on my blog below

This is the Offical TGW game: http://www.gatewars.com/

This is where you can find the New TGW Race Stat Guide http://gatewars.blogspot.com/

Note, TGW is short for “The GateWars”