Feb 232016

I am taking a break from posting new cheats on the Gamesquire blogs, and editing/creating video game cheat ebooks, but that being said, my focus is more on social network sites as of late. As some of you may already know that I am active on Facebook already. My profile is https://www.facebook.com/GameSquire. As for things on Facebook I am involved in (that is gaming related) as of lately here are some Pages and Groups on Facebook you may be interested in:



As for twitter, which is the second social networking site I am active on already, my gaming handle is (as you may already guessed) @GameSquire I always follow back, if I don’t, mention me! 😉 This week I have created a new list that just focus on twitter https://twitter.com/GameSquire/lists/gamers I have more than 12,500 followers so you can imagine that will still take me a little bit of time to build it up. Although I appreciate all of you that is following me on twitter my main focus on twitter is Gaming.

Also my other handle on twitter is @MKMMA_Dillon, which will be focusing on businesses I am involved with and sharing everything else I am interested in that isn’t gaming related, I also follow back on this handle to!

Now as you may seen in the blog post title I have mention Google +, now this place I have been inactive for a couple of years now, and I’ve just recently dusted it off, here are some G+ links you’ll find that I’ll be involved in more of
My Profile https://plus.google.com/u/0/+DillonFlueck/
GameSquire Page https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/106962355776549369270/106962355776549369270/
“Cheats For Cheaters (Video Gaming System Cheats)” Community https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/110793897448103655078
TGSET Community https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/116972246251170688836

This is pretty much it I could think of share at this moment, and I hope to see and hear from you all on these Social Networking sites.

See ya soon!

Jan 032016

Happy Late New Years to all of you! Hard to believe I haven’t posted at ALL on here last year. A LOT has been going on here at GameSquire, I am currently working on new cheat ebooks for this gen of gaming, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One. I am also working on posting these cheats on my blogger blog GameSquire.blogspot.ca

I am also sharing them on a Facebook Group that I took over last year Cheats For Cheaters (Video Gaming System Cheats). So go check that and become a member to that group! I encourage you guys to share your own favorite cheats to that group to make it more lively, and it may even help to improve the ebooks I have already created!

Other than finishing up these new ebooks, and sharing them via blogging, social media, and pdf formatted ebooks, I am going to be taking a break on working on GameSquire to focus on completing a coarse I have took on that I’ve started last year and other life goals. I am meaning to come back though to improve what I’ve worked on over the years but I have no idea when that will be. In the mean time I hope to see you there on Facebook and enjoy the new coming ebooks that is coming out soon.

Ciao for now. 🙂

Nov 162014

Hey all! I know I haven’t been providing any new updates these last few months other than the Video Game Cheat blogs discussed in the last Blog post. I am slowly working on adding new content for multiple video game ebooks everyday, but I cannot really predict when any new revised versions of these ebooks will be uploaded here on GameSquire, all I could say is that its slowly but surly being updated, and I will let you know when the new ebooks are uploaded.

If ether you are looking for something that I don’t have in my ebooks already, or you know something of use to add in my ebooks, hit me up by messaging me on Facebook.
Unless you provided me anything about the requested game begin with, I’ll see if I could find any new cheats, tips, codes, etc for your requested game and I’ll be posting it on my blogs and adding it to the ebook as soon as I can.
That’s, of course, if only I have found something of use for the game. There were times that somebody did ask me for a specific Cheat, Gameshark Code, or GameGenie Code, but I came back empty handed, like a invincibly code.

Dec 162013

You may be noticing that a lot of ny sites were going down lately, this is due to a lot of huge amount of technical difficulty. This time specifically beta.GameSquire.info.

Other than the forum that was deleted earlier this year, the beta websites are now deleted due to these technical issues crap that was going on. This should be the last of these reoccurring issues now, and back on getting new gaming news.

Happy Holidays everybody!

Nov 162013

All the ebooks that was on the now-erased GameSquire forum is now back up on the official website to www.GameSquire.net. By signing up to the newsletter that is on the right of GameSquire.net, you’ll be getting updates similar to what you find here at GameSqurie.info and get links to the latest free eBooks exclusive here on GameSquire.

I would appreciate that you would buy me a cup of coffee to support this growing project by Clicking Here. Thank You and Enjoy!

Oct 172013

Hey all, hadn’t done an update here in like forever, in case if anyone was wondering that if I know that GameSquire.net is down, I know. 😉 I’ve been very busy these last few weeks and didn’t had much time to figure the sites issue. Hopefully I get it back up soon, and get the free ebooks posted asap.

Jun 082013

Due to floods of spam (that’s with a couple of Anti-Spam plugin installed and activated) and no active users, I have closed the Official GameSquire Forum. Also because of this unfortunate news, there is no other place to download the free ebooks I have provided there at this time. Hopefully soon I’ll re-upload the eBooks for everyone to download once again.

Sep 232012

I hate to break this Unfortunate news that, all guides, reviews, etc that is on www.GameSquire.net has been lost. However I have recovered some of the reviews that has been published on there before, this includes “The World of Erenor”, “Kings of Chaos”, and “The GateWars”. I will be slowly recover more of what has been lost, like The GateWars Ascension guide, and a few other reviews.

Other than that, GameSquire Beta and our Gamers Forum is still up and fine.