Jan 102014

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May 232013

News from venturebeat.com has posted that Xbox One will not make you pay for borrowed games from your friend. Now true that does stop my ranting I’ve been doing here yesterday, but still this still doesn’t really cover what Microsoft is tempting to do to stop used games sales.

Of course Xbox One was revealed this week, and still a lot of unclear details about the console, especially in the Used game area. But where I am looking at this, when Xbox One has become 7-8 years old, or when ever its considered to be a “Last-Generation Console”, and when it has no more support from Microsoft whats so ever, will there be some sort of software incompatibility do to having to pay a fee of sorts for used games, or update that is no longer available?

I am still having this sort of question about Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 as well, I mean there are games that has some key features that you can’t obtain until you download the DLC. Like in Batman: Arkham City for example, there are some missions to complete and upgrades specifically for Cat Woman only, however you must be connected to the net and download her as a DLC, now lets say the XBLA and PSN is now not available any longer, how on Earth can you get Cat Woman???

Guess this is just growing pains of technology, not just for gaming sense, if you like to chat about Xbox One and Playstation 4, come join my Gaming Forum and post in our ‘Home Video Game Consoles Category‘ section.

Written By: Dillon Flueck