Nov 162014

Hey all! I know I haven’t been providing any new updates these last few months other than the Video Game Cheat blogs discussed in the last Blog post. I am slowly working on adding new content for multiple video game ebooks everyday, but I cannot really predict when any new revised versions of these ebooks will be uploaded here on GameSquire, all I could say is that its slowly but surly being updated, and I will let you know when the new ebooks are uploaded.

If ether you are looking for something that I don’t have in my ebooks already, or you know something of use to add in my ebooks, hit me up by messaging me on Facebook.
Unless you provided me anything about the requested game begin with, I’ll see if I could find any new cheats, tips, codes, etc for your requested game and I’ll be posting it on my blogs and adding it to the ebook as soon as I can.
That’s, of course, if only I have found something of use for the game. There were times that somebody did ask me for a specific Cheat, Gameshark Code, or GameGenie Code, but I came back empty handed, like a invincibly code.

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