Jun 282014

Hey everybody! For an update for the Blogger blogs I’ve been working on these last couple of months, there will be new cheats on the Original Xbox Cheats and Playstation Portable Cheats blog starting on this Canada Day (July 1st, 2014). Be sure to follow them since there will be new cheats being posted daily.

As for a refresher here is a list of the blogs that I have been working on with the time periods when new cheats will be posted:
Microsoft Xbox Cheats – 12 AM PDT
Super Nintendo Cheats – 6 AM PDT
Sega Genesis Cheats – 6 AM PDT
Sony PlayStation Portable Cheats Cheats – 12 PM PDT
Nintendo GameCube Cheats – 6 PM PDT
Nintendo Wii Cheats – 6 PM PDT

Enjoy! 😀

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