Jan 172014

All New Video Game Cheat Ebook for the Original Xbox System is now available to download at GameSquire.net. Simply sign up to the free newsletter on the right and receive over 28 eBooks through via email.

For an entire eBook list you should expect is:
GameShark Codes:
GameShark GBC Codes V1.1
GameShark N64 Codes V1.1
GameShark PS1 Codes V1.1
GameShark PS2 Codes V1.1

GameGenie Codes:
GameGenie GameBoy Codes V1.0
GameGenie GameGear Codes V1.0
GameGenie Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Codes V1.0
GameGenie Sega Genesis Codes V1.0
GameGenie Super Nintendo Codes V1.0

Video Game Cheats:
Gameboy Advance Cheats V1.0
Gameboy Cheats V1.0
Gameboy Color Cheats V1.0
NES Cheats V1.0
Nintendo 64 Cheats V1.0
Nintendo DS Cheats V1.0
Nintendo Gamecube Cheats V1.0
Nintendo Wii Cheats V1.0
PlayStation 1 Cheats V1.0
PlayStation 2 Cheats V1.0
PlayStation 3 Cheats V1.0
PlayStation Portable Cheats V1.0
Sega Dreamcast Cheats V1.0
Sega Game Gear Cheats V1.0
Sega Genesis Cheats V1.0
Super Nintendo Cheats V1.0
Turbo Grafx 16 Cheats V1.0
Xbox 360 Cheats V1.0
Xbox Cheats V1.0

PS: I have been working on this project for roughly 8 Years now and I am not making any money what so ever on these PDF files, so if you would like to support this project, I would appreciate a Cup of Coffee. Thank You for your support and enjoy the free ebooks Ive created. 🙂

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