Dec 242013

Hey Everyone! Hope you guys and gals out there are doing great this holiday season. I am here to announce that the majority of the ebooks that has been provided freely on through via newsletter has been drastically updated in many ways.

There are only 2 ebooks I hadn’t updated yet, which is Xbox 360 Cheats and Original Xbox Cheats. I’ll work on them as soon as Christmas is over. Considering those are the 2 left unedited, the ‘Beta V0.5’ versions of those books are still being provided in the newsletter.

Merry Chistmas and have a Happy New Year and Game On!

Dec 162013

You may be noticing that a lot of ny sites were going down lately, this is due to a lot of huge amount of technical difficulty. This time specifically

Other than the forum that was deleted earlier this year, the beta websites are now deleted due to these technical issues crap that was going on. This should be the last of these reoccurring issues now, and back on getting new gaming news.

Happy Holidays everybody!

Nov 162013

All the ebooks that was on the now-erased GameSquire forum is now back up on the official website to By signing up to the newsletter that is on the right of, you’ll be getting updates similar to what you find here at and get links to the latest free eBooks exclusive here on GameSquire.

I would appreciate that you would buy me a cup of coffee to support this growing project by Clicking Here. Thank You and Enjoy!

Nov 062013

Http://www.GameSquire.Net/ is now back up and going, I’ll be working on uploading the Game Genie codes, GameShark codes, and video game cheats eBooks soon through a newspaper. So stay tone!

Note: is deleted. I was to plan to simply to close the forum until later, but due to spammers and hackers, it turned into a programming mess, hence why the site was down.

Oct 172013

Hey all, hadn’t done an update here in like forever, in case if anyone was wondering that if I know that is down, I know. 😉 I’ve been very busy these last few weeks and didn’t had much time to figure the sites issue. Hopefully I get it back up soon, and get the free ebooks posted asap.

Jun 082013

Due to floods of spam (that’s with a couple of Anti-Spam plugin installed and activated) and no active users, I have closed the Official GameSquire Forum. Also because of this unfortunate news, there is no other place to download the free ebooks I have provided there at this time. Hopefully soon I’ll re-upload the eBooks for everyone to download once again.

May 232013

News from has posted that Xbox One will not make you pay for borrowed games from your friend. Now true that does stop my ranting I’ve been doing here yesterday, but still this still doesn’t really cover what Microsoft is tempting to do to stop used games sales.

Of course Xbox One was revealed this week, and still a lot of unclear details about the console, especially in the Used game area. But where I am looking at this, when Xbox One has become 7-8 years old, or when ever its considered to be a “Last-Generation Console”, and when it has no more support from Microsoft whats so ever, will there be some sort of software incompatibility do to having to pay a fee of sorts for used games, or update that is no longer available?

I am still having this sort of question about Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 as well, I mean there are games that has some key features that you can’t obtain until you download the DLC. Like in Batman: Arkham City for example, there are some missions to complete and upgrades specifically for Cat Woman only, however you must be connected to the net and download her as a DLC, now lets say the XBLA and PSN is now not available any longer, how on Earth can you get Cat Woman???

Guess this is just growing pains of technology, not just for gaming sense, if you like to chat about Xbox One and Playstation 4, come join my Gaming Forum and post in our ‘Home Video Game Consoles Category‘ section.

Written By: Dillon Flueck

May 222013

Thanks to the guys and gals at Core Box Group on Facebook for providing substantial info about the Xbox One console that was revealed yesterday (May 21st, 2013). So here’s what I’ve learned so far about this console:

According to digitalspy, Xbox One pre-order price has been set at £399 by Zavvi, that’ll be roughly around $600 USD

Following Quote from Core Box Group

Always Online:
Xbox One “does not have to be always connected, but Xbox One does require a connection to the Internet,” according to Microsoft. You’ll have to connect to the internet at least once a day for the system to continue functioning.

“We’re designing Xbox One to be your all-in-one entertainment system that is connected to the cloud and always ready. We are also designing it so you can play games and watch Blu-ray movies and live TV if you lose your connection.”

Game Activation and Installation
Xbox One games must be installed to the hard-drive. Each game will include a unique single-use code that you enter when you install it. After authorization, the game will be linked to your Xbox LIVE account. Other users on that console will also be able to play the game.

You can still bring the game to a friend’s house, install it on their system, and play it on your profile. However, should they want to play it on their account, they’ll have to pay the full price of the game.

But that doesn’t mean trade-ins are dead. You’ll still be able to trade-in and resell games at retail. And you’ll also be able to trade-in your used games online. Details on both methods will be shared at a later date.

Xbox One System 2 photo XboxOne4.jpg Xbox One Contoller photo XboxOne2.jpg
Xbox One System 1 photo XboxOne3.jpg Xbox One System 3 photo XboxOne1.jpg

Now, here’s some news on GameSpot explaining that “XBLA games won’t carry over to Xbox One”, and this article explains “Xbox 360 controllers, accessories won’t work on Xbox One”.

My first thoughts of the machine was that it looks quite bland looking, and really the controller was the only thing I thought at least looked good. I must admit it was funny and true that what I’ve read though in the Core Box group that the console did look like a couple of Wii U’s glued together, it’s design was very simple, but not in an attractive kind of way ether. But when I started reading that you must pay for the game that you’ve borrowed from a friend of yours to play on your account, and the requirement to connect to the internet at least once a day, I thought that was the most useless piece of crap released ever.

Not to mention what I heard about Xbox One with the about TV and Sports features. If I wanted TV and Sports, I just get cable or watch Youtube. The main reason why I want a Video Game Console is because I want to play Video Games, and NOT to watch TV, end of story, period.

At this point of what I’ve learned about the Xbox One, it sounds like a paper shredder for your money, unless Microsoft changes a lot of the pay-and-connect-with-us-or-you-cant-play crap, I’m sticking with older gaming consoles. At least with older consoles you don’t have to pay more on used games than the discs or cartridges. I am curious of what Sony will bring next month with their Playstation 4 (PS4).

Article written by: Dillon Flueck

Feb 132013

Hey all, I’ve been working here for quite a few years now to put up the first version of the 28 ebooks that are available free on the forum, as well as creating the published website version at the Beta Version of GameSquire: The Wonderful World of Gaming website. So now just letting you guys and gals know that this is really my first time taking a ‘break’ on building the GameSquire: The Wonderful World of Gaming.

Also I’ve done research, and ask for some help on vary websites and social sites about WordPress do to recent issues with this platform, I am planning to redo the Beta Version of GameSquire: The Wonderful World of Gaming website when I come back building GSQ. The reason why I am redoing this is because of the 8,000+ Pages of Cheats and Codes that has been published is likely why I am having loading problems (and other problems that might crawl up) in the Back End of WordPress.

It appears to be fine when your viewing the site, but for me to make further updates, I have to figure out a way to re-build it, without having the site to load very slowly in the long run (like it did with WordPress). I am leaning more and more towards using pure HTML, I’ve read that doing large projects like this one has loading times almost 10 times quicker if they are built on using HTML Coding than with the use of a platform like WordPress.

Don’t freak though, as you may notice that the recent blog posts here, I’ve switched to a different URL, so in that way, when has been restarted, the work that was done already would be still there until I’ve got everything back up on beta.

Personally, I am not against WordPress, but after all it is a “Blogging Software” not a “Website Builder”, and a lot of elements of WordPress is hinged around HTML anyway. I’ve also read that Search Engines like Google likes Blog Posts and SEO more than Pages when using the WordPress Platform as well, which contradicts what I’ve got planned for so there’s a few reasons I’ve read that HTML may be better here.

I hadn’t started yet though, and like I said this is really the first time for me for taking a break here, but that’s whats the plan here at GameSquire when the time comes. In the mean time enjoy the free 28 ebooks that is available right now on the forum and