Dec 122010

Welcome to the Update blog for the official GameSquire: The Wonderful World of Gaming website!

Anything new that has been done to the official site, or anything related to GameSquire, will be notified through this blog, from a new cheat, review, guide, a new post on blogger type blog, and so on.

You will also may expect funny Youtube clips, awesome blogs/sites that is powered by other bloggers and/or sitebuilders, contests, and other amazing stuff founded by the admins of GameSquire that thought you may find it useful and funny.

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Exclusive on GameSquire:

By visiting the Official GameSquire Website, there is a sign up form on the right side of the screen for a free newsletter, for signing up, you will receive 64 free ebooks full of Video Game Cheats, Tips, Codes and more.

NOTE: Be sure that the confirmation email isn’t in your spam box, and the email containing the free eBooks MAY take longer than 12hrs after confirming.
I respect your privacy, I will NOT sell your personal information to ANYONE when you sign up to the free newsletter.

If you would like to support this site/project, I would appreciate A Cup Of Coffee. Thanks. 🙂

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